We pride ourselves on being a diverse business. Explore three core  areas of our expertise spanning the UK, Russia, Ukraine and beyond.


Chemicals have been a central part of our business since the formation of the company in 1987. Now, we are a leading distributor of chemical products supplied from long-standing partner companies. 


Our  customers can rest assured that we will not only deliver high-quality products at competitive prices, but will also offer you the best technical service from knowledgeable team members based in the UK, Moscow and Kiev. We can assist you every step of the way, from helping you choose the right product for your application, to customs clearance and delivery to your plant.


Our portfolio for plastics polymerisation and processing, composites, rubber and other specialist applications includes products from companies including Synthomer, DSM, United Initiators, Shepherd Color, Ascotec and Rettenmaier.


A wide range of raw materials and specialist chemicals is also supplied by our joint-venture, Larchfield LSN, to customers in Russia and CIS for production of waterborne and solvent based paints and varnishes for construction, adhesives, non-wovens, oil and gas, textile industry, flexography and other fields of application. We source our supplies for these applications from industry leaders like Arkema, Trinseo, FCC, Rowis, Po.Int.Er, Ascotec and Shepherd Color.


In additon, we offer expert technical support and direct deliveries, as well as our usual guarantee of high quality customer service. Because your success is our success.

Group companies dealing with Chemicals

Larchfield LSN

Purchasing & logistical support worldwide for operations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Larchfield subsidiary in Russia dealing with distribution for plastics, composites and rubber.

Larchfield Joint Venture in Ukraine dealing with distribition of a wide range of industrial chemicals.

Larchfield Joint Venture in Russia distributing chemicals for coatings, construction, oil and gas applications.