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We pride ourselves on being a diverse business. Explore three core areas of our expertise spanning the UK, Eastern Europe and beyond.


We offer a range of sophisticated ingredients used in the confectionery, baking, brewing, oenology, dairy and cosmetics industries which provide cost reduction and convenience as well as functionality.


Our quality ingredients are found in many of the products consumers use and enjoy on a daily basis. Larchfield has built strong and trusted relationships with our principle suppliers and many multinational customers, including Kraft–Mondelez, AB-Inbev, Carlsberg and Uniconf (Union Confectioneries), a leader in the confectionery market.


With strategically placed technical sales offices in the UK and Eastern Europe, our well-established business can provide know-how solutions to every area of food and beverage production. We strive to bring you the best service, quality, innovation and reliability, and are always looking for new opportunities and challenges within the industry.


Our coriander is recognised within the flavour and fragrance industries as having a high oil quality and content. Our coriander is cultivated across Eastern Europe, where trusted traditional farming methods are used to harvest the finest quality seeds.


Our essential oils from Eastern Europe include coriander seed oil, fir needle oil, dill weed oil and clary sage oil.


We are members of IFEAT, the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades.


We offer expert technical support and direct deliveries, as well as our usual guarantee of high quality customer service.

Group companies dealing with Ingredients & Essential Oils

Larchfield sp  z o.o.

Sales, Purchasing & logistical support worldwide.

Larchfield subsidiary in Poland. 

Larchfield subsidiary dealing with the distribution of a wide range of ingredients.


Larchfield Joint Venture in Ukraine dealing with the distribution of ingredients for food and beverage industries.

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